Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have moved my blog....

Hello my dear friends! Blogger has been good to me for years, but my needs have outgrown its capabilities, so a virtual move was unavoidable.

I hope you continue to visit me, and subscribe to my posts by email over at my new virtual home:

I'm still learning the new Wordpress theme platform, but for the most part the main 'furniture' is set up for you to stop by, read, and comment.

See you there!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Building your own home...

(photo from

When I've started this blog, it was with a clear intention of sharing only my artwork and other crafty creations - personal matters would stay out.

However, there's a looming change for our family in the horizon, and if I wait untill I have hand-made something to share, well, my readers would wait a long time and thus abandon me.

So the big news is that just a few days ago we have signed to build our new dream home. Initially I was on the fence about the proposition of moving, but a promise of a larger art room with a (gasp!) walk-in closet for my art supplies was just an offer I could not refuse.

Now I am panicking and freaking out: Our kids just started school and have their own schedules and needs; we still have our current house to fix-up, stage, and put on the market, as well as the overseeing of the new construction.

My plan is to share the week-by-week process of the construction of our dream home. It'll also serve me as a journal when I condense this material into a mini album.

Have any of my readers gone through building their own home? I hope you'll leave a comment and share some advice.

Hope to hear from you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Scrapping with not-so-perfect snapshots...

Title: Celebrate July 4

Winner for Random Inspiration Challenge #22...

This announcement is well overdue, but without further delay, let me present the winner of the last Random Inspiration Challenge #22: Metallic finishes. The winner was chosen randomly from two lovely submissions:

  1. tishka
  2. Rima

 and the winner to get the alphabet stamp set is...

Rima please send me your address so that I may mail you your token prize.
***(Rima prašau atsiųskite savo duomenis kad galėčiau Jum išsiųsti priziuką):