Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have moved my blog....

Hello my dear friends! Blogger has been good to me for years, but my needs have outgrown its capabilities, so a virtual move was unavoidable.

I hope you continue to visit me, and subscribe to my posts by email over at my new virtual home:

I'm still learning the new Wordpress theme platform, but for the most part the main 'furniture' is set up for you to stop by, read, and comment.

See you there!


Dani Cristina said...

Ah yes ... I'll be there :)
I love his style, love his art accompany.
Hugs, and good luck in the new virtual home.

Unknown said...

Change is the most inevitable and constant thing to be seen in any body’s life, so, could we see in your blogging efforts. I am sure with your new blogging platform or venture, we all stay checking and reading your different posts. Keep it up!

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